Interior Design Trends: Why should you invest in framed photographs and paintings?

Posted on December 31, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Everyone loves to stare at a framed photograph and painting. For a split-second, they can take you back to the time the photo was taken or painting was done. They give you the chance to revisit the places you may never see again or places you may never visit again. Most people treat their photo collection with utmost care. Such individuals have the tendencies of storing their photos digitally in their smartphones, computers or cloud storage. Others store hard copy photographs in physical albums or hide them in a box for safekeeping. What these people probably do not know is that framing the photos and displaying them in their living room is a great interior design addition. The same can be done to paintings you consider to be special. The primary reason for having a framed picture or painting in your home is to get a constant glimpse of the work of art or person that means the world to you.

Here are some of the surprising reasons why you should invest in framed photographs and paintings:

Make Your House Feel like a Home

Framed paintings and pictures create a connection with you over time. They remind you of the things that matter most to you. Pulling them out and hanging them on the wall evokes nostalgic and happy memories. They give you everything you need in a home. They bring pleasant emotions, refresh your spirit and inspire you.

Pass a Message

Interior decorating is meant to create a theme or ambience that your visitors can quickly notice the moment they enter your home. Paintings will tell your guests that you are a creative person who has a high regard for art. A framed picture of your whole family on the wall or a table in the living room will show them that you truly love and value your family. The message that the framed photographs and paintings convey can give your living room an ambience that surpasses what designs and colours can do. Sometimes a quick and simple frame is needed for artwork, such as snap frames uk. It’s so easy to add your print and make an immediate impact in your home.

Complement a Plain Wall

Framed photos and paintings can bring that wow factor to any room. Choosing the right finish that will enhance the look of a plain wall can be daunting. Filling the wall with both picture and painting frames can significantly improve the look. The frames will give a touch of class and a splash of colour to your plain wall. Picture and painting frames can work with your preferred theme. Frames are made from different materials and come in an array of shapes, sizes and colour. This means that finding a frame that fits well with the theme of your interior design will be easy. If you are looking for an elegant look, consider using wood and glass frames. Metal frames are suitable for those opting for a modern look.

Personalise Your Space

This is especially beneficial to people who move frequently and renters who are not allowed to make changes like painting the walls in their apartments. Hanging a framed picture or painting will instantly make the space feel more like you. Framed Paintings and photographs will fit in whatever size of home you live in. This makes investing in a framed picture or painting a wise choice.


It is imperative to find the best location for your framed photographs and paintings on the wall. They should be visible from more than one place. They should create a comfortable, safe and attractive interior decorating. Well-arranged and chosen frames create a pleasant atmosphere that reminds you of the important events in your life.

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