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Low-Budget Home Improvement Ideas

Posted on July 24, 2021 at 11:35 am

Renovating your home does not need to be overly expensive.  Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a massive impact on your home.  Here are a few low budget home improvement ideas for you to try.

Paint your kitchen cupboards/bathroom cabinets – When changing the colour, ensure you properly prep the surface before applying paint. If painting the bathroom cabinets, ensure you use a paint suitable for bathrooms

Chalkboard paint – Why not paint the indented area of a kitchen cupboard with chalkboard paint to create a unique feature.  Why not use it for your meal plans or shopping lists?

Upcycle an old door – Turn an old door into a feature with coat hooks.  Create a box and attach it to the bottom for a place to store shoes.

Frame your bathroom mirror – create a vintage look by adding a frame to your bathroom mirror.  This simple trick can change the look of the room instantly.

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