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Would I Need Planning Permissions to Add Windows into a Residence?

Posted on April 30, 2021 at 1:12 pm

If you are in a home or have bought a home that you wish to add, replace or move windows in, you may be uncertain as to whether or not you will need Planning Permissions prior to doing this. Adding, replacing or moving windows is typically not a project that would need planning permissions but there are stipulations where you would. For instance, if you are in a listed building, you would not be able to conduct any major window changes with only Permitted Development (PD) rights.

Another reason why you might need planning permissions is if there had previously been conditions attached to the original permission, for which you would need to speak to your local authority. However, usually to insert a new window or doorway you are able to do so, with PD rights as long as any upper floor windows on the side of the house are glazed. They must also be fixed to a non-opening frame, unless opener is more than 1.7m above the floor.

So typically no, you will not need planning permissions for adding, replacing or moving windows.

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Why Choose a Trade Bathroom Supplier?

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 3:58 pm

The bathroom is the very heart of every home. It’s where we relax, unwind, freshen up and get ready to face the world again, so it’s vital that it offers both functional appeal and complete style. When considering what features should go in our dream bathroom, many people tend to focus on the aesthetics of their dream bathroom – tiles, fittings and fixtures. And yet how well those things work for us when we use them day to day can be just as important. For example, if your hamper keeps falling into the sink thanks to ill-fitting lids or taps that leak when you turn them on then no matter how stylish they may be, you have a bathroom that simply does not work.

Are trade bathroom supplies cheaper?

A trade bathroom supplies company will not only make your bathrooms more beautiful, it may also help you save money.

One of the reasons today that most people are turning to trade supplies is because they can be more economical in the long run. By using contractors and their expertise you’ll save on a number of things like labour costs, delivery costs, taxes from purchases as well as many other expenses. Trade suppliers have direct access to materials and new products allowing them to offer better deals to clients than those who buy directly from manufacturers or wholesalers.

Some tradesmen pay by the hour while others charge by project but ultimately when you choose trade bathroom suppliers for your home or business they will give you a much better plumbing service at an affordable price.

What are the most common bathroom supplies?

Decorating your bathroom and looking for cheaper supplies? You should first consider what is available. For example, faucets and shower enclosures are found in almost all bathrooms today. Taps come in different finishes such as gold and silver, or you can choose a more modern alternative like brushed nickel. Some homeowners prefer to match their bathroom taps with kitchen appliances.

Most people love a touch of glamour in their lives. This means they want something that enhances the look of the room without going over the top. The best option is chrome plating that features minimal design patterns on the handles and spouts.

Another common bathroom supply product is mirrors. These days, there are many shapes to choose from: rectangular, square and round even circular ones.

Does your bathroom need updating?

Are you considering getting stylish fittings or accessories to make your bathroom look modern? One of the great benefits of using trade suppliers in bathrooms is that it’s an affordable method to get what you want. The main benefits of choosing a trade supplier are cost and flexibility and read about them below.

Cost Reductions

One thing most people would like to avoid when they’re updating their bathroom is the large costs for various additions. It’s definitely true that there are some high-end suppliers out there; however, with any luck, a lot of those products can be found at reasonable prices by going for smaller businesses instead. Just like other small business owners, many bathroom specialists will use this as an advantage over their bigger competitors and sell certain

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Tips and Tricks to a Loft Conversion

Posted on April 10, 2021 at 12:57 pm

If properly planned, loft conversions can be an excellent way to add property value and increase your living space. There are many people out there that have run into some major problems and set-backs during a loft conversion, but if you know a couple of these handy ways to avoid certain possible risks, it will help keep your project moving smoothly.

1. Plan the Stairs well- be sure to put plenty of thought into how the stairs will work and flow in your home and what the best layout is for efficiency and effectiveness downstairs and upstairs.

2. Plan furniture during design- whilst the design stage is happening, be sure to plan what furniture you want to put in, to ensure the space will work as you need it to.

3. Plan windows and doors carefully- consider how to maximise natural light flow into your loft conversion and thoroughly consider the placement of all doors and windows compared to the space usage and furniture.

Planning a loft conversion can be tricky, but by using these tips, doing some research and taking plenty of time to plan before beginning a project, it will help to greatly decrease the chances of serious unexpected problems.

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