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Reasons to avoid buying solid oak flooring

Posted on October 3, 2018 at 6:55 am

It is a known fact that for many people, engineered flooring is preferred to solid oak flooring and this is because engineered flooring is cheaper and it has a lot of other practical advantages. The reasons to avoid buying solid oak flooring are big enough to convince many people to go for engineered flooring and the reasons are as follows:

Heating Systems:

If you’ll choose to buy solid oak flooring, you will also have to say goodbye to under-floor heating system. It is because under-floor heating systems are not compatible with solid oak flooring.


The solid oak flooring is highly susceptible to wet or moist places and cannot be put to use in bathrooms. Besides that, it is also not fit to be used in basements as well. It tremendous decreases the usability of this flooring.

Forget DIY:

Unlike other floorings, this type of flooring cannot be installed by a person on its own. It requires a professional floor fitter to be installed and costs you a good deal
of money.


It is not only expensive to install, it is costly as well. It needs you to pay extra to
the seller as well as to the floor fitter making it less economical. That’s why
you should avoid buying this type of flooring.

Ageing Effects:

You might be able to use it for sometime but as it gets old, it becomes susceptible to
contracting, expanding, cupping and bowing. Thus, it costs you even more money
to get it repaired every time there is something wrong with the flooring.

Using engineered flooring is very advantageous as compared to solid oak flooring. Its
quality is much better as compared to solid oak flooring making it resistant
against the seasonal wear and tear. Besides that, the aesthetics of engineered
flooring is always a pleasure to the eyes.

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