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What is a garden veranda?

Posted on August 31, 2018 at 10:34 am

A garden is a plot of land where flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits are cultivated. Gardening is nothing but growing the plants on a piece of land. Gardening can be both a hobby as and commercial activity. A veranda gives us a way of enjoying the garden from the garden, yet still protected from the worst of the elements. We are actually in the garden because we can feel the breeze and climate, smell the flowers or freshly mown grass and, so, enjoy the results of our days work toiling in the earth. The veranda is the gardener’s conservatory.

You may not know this, but glass verandas are ingrained in British colonial history in Australia, America and India, as well as other parts of Asia. Here they are so much a part of popular culture that they have entered their literature as symbols of a way of life. Perhaps the veranda provided a way for the British settlers to enjoy the countryside around them, but still feel safe and protected in a very different climate. The veranda allowed them to hold onto some control, some sense of Britishness while enjoying the beauty of the new land around them, which is certainly the case in Australia, where they are still incredibly popular.

Gardening has something to do with controlling nature, bending its growth our way. We enjoy the work because it satisfies something within us, a kind of instinct to ‘tidy-up’ the wildness around us. Our gardens are our refuge from the speed and chaos of the modern world an unchanging place that continually changes, but only at the steady pace of the seasons.

Inside the conservatory, we are protected. The glass lets us enjoy the light, and visual beauty of the garden, while the wood and bricks and modern materials keep us in the modern world. For the enthusiastic gardener, though, it is perhaps one step too many backs inside. We don’t just enjoy watching the garden we enjoy being a part of it sensing it with all of our senses: feeling it in our hands, experiencing the fragrances, hearing the birds and buzzing, and tasting the herbs or home-grown food. The conservatory confines us to be a mere spectator, or we have to pull the garden inside with potted plants whereas the verandah frees us to stay outside enjoying what we have done and to plot what we have left to do. If we enjoy being in the garden then why go back inside?

The veranda still protects us from the worst elements, those that drive us inside even when we’re enjoying our gardening. The conservatory protects us from the weather even when there is nothing to be protected from who runs inside from a warm and lovely spring, summer or autumnal day?

If you are planning to extend your home, consider a veranda the gardener’s conservatory.

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