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Moving house: The earlier you pack the better

Posted on March 28, 2018 at 3:48 pm

When you’re planning on moving house, it’s always best that you box everything up and ensure everything is organised as soon as possible. Producing checklists for each box is a good idea and it also means when your items arrive at the new house you know exactly what’s in each box. So many people feel that it takes a lot of time to unpack, but they think it’s very easy to get everything packed in a few days before they move. That’s certainly not the case.

Packing will take longer than unpacking, especially if you do it properly, but don’t make it a rush job. Take your time and ensure you have collected all of the items from your house and have them labelled up in boxes ready to go weeks before your move date. If it means your house is a little cluttered, stay in a hotel or with friends and family members. You’ll thank yourself when it’s moving day!

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