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Interior Design Trends: Why should you invest in framed photographs and paintings?

Posted on December 31, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Everyone loves to stare at a framed photograph and painting. For a split-second, they can take you back to the time the photo was taken or painting was done. They give you the chance to revisit the places you may never see again or places you may never visit again. Most people treat their photo collection with utmost care. Such individuals have the tendencies of storing their photos digitally in their smartphones, computers or cloud storage. Others store hard copy photographs in physical albums or hide them in a box for safekeeping. What these people probably do not know is that framing the photos and displaying them in their living room is a great interior design addition. The same can be done to paintings you consider to be special. The primary reason for having a framed picture or painting in your home is to get a constant glimpse of the work of art or person that means the world to you. (more…)

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