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Getting your rented property professionally cleaned before moving out

Posted on August 27, 2017 at 3:45 pm

If you are due to move out of your rented accommodation, you may want to take a glance over your tenancy contract as most will state that the property requires a professional clean.

Many tenants are getting caught out when the go to move out of their rented home and the landlord deducts a huge chunk of money off of the renting deposit for cleaning costs. Paying for the service yourself may save you a bit of money and will enable you to get your full deposit back, that is of course if everything else is intact.

A professional clean should include a deep cleaning of all carpets, wiping of all surfaces including windowsills, light switches and skirting boards to name a few. It should also include a thorough bathroom and kitchen clean too. Always check the property after it has been cleaned to make sure it is of a good standard and keep the receipt as proof.

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