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Moving to a new home without any problems

Posted on January 17, 2017 at 3:01 pm

When moving to a new home, there are many frustrations a person or family can experience during the move. Moving is a very hectic time and it is easy for one to get caught up and make a few errors. Such common mistakes include shipping a box to the wrong address, improperly packing a fragile item resulting in a damaged item, or even completely forgetting something and leaving it behind. These occurrences can greatly inconvenience a family and add unwanted stress to the situation. If you follow these steps, you can save you and your family a stressful integration.

Before you can begin to pack you must first secure yourself a lot of boxes. After you have enough boxes for your items, you should still keep extra around just in case any boxes break. You can get boxes for free from grocery and department stores, or you can purchase them from whatever moving company you happen to be using. You will also need strong tape and bubble wrap/packaging to securely cushion fragile items. You can also purchase these from the moving company.

Now that you can begin packing, label or number each box. Record everything that goes into each box. Making a checklist will help you keep track of all your stuff during the move. Also if you ever need an item you won’t have to tear through each box to find it, just look for it on your list and go through the corresponding box. For further identification, you can colour coordinate each room in your new house. For example, you can mark each box going to the kitchen with a blue marker or sticker.

Another packing tip is to pack clothes, sheets, towels, etc. into luggage and duffel bags. This will save a lot of box space and everyone will be able to carry whatever they would want handy. Children can even pack items into school bags.

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