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Built in Wardrobes – An easy decision

Posted on June 16, 2016 at 3:23 pm

When your property is under construction and you have a say over whether you would like built in wardrobes or none at all, the answer should be an easy one. Always say yes to built in wardrobes because even if you don’t pack them with clothes as soon as you move in, you’ll save plenty of space in the future when you’re collection grows.

Nobody likes the idea of losing space before you’ve even had chance to put the kettle on in your new home, but you’ll only regret the decision later when you see how much space you’ll lose with a standard freestanding wardrobe. Built in wardrobes are excellent space savers over time, and if you have a spacious bedroom that can accommodate wardrobes to one wall, definitely opt for built in wardrobes.

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