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Calculate your Homer/ Property Taxes all by yourself

Posted on September 24, 2015 at 10:31 am

To calculate the tax of your home or property you need to have information regarding three basic things, including:

1. Value of your home

2. The assessment rate

3. The tax rate

Knowing these three values you could easily calculate the tax for your home or property by following the steps mentioned below:

· Determine the value of your home or get it accessed by the county appraiser. Make sure you get to know the current value.

· Calculate the product of your home’s appraised value with the assessment rate of your area.

· Find out the property taxes to which your home or property is subject to, and add the same to the above calculated amount.

· Multiply the total tax rate with the taxable value of your home and this is how you would get the final value of your home property tax.

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