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Flat Roof’s – They may look ugly, but they have a long life span

Posted on February 19, 2015 at 8:35 pm

When it comes to looking around for houses to buy, you may be stumped to see the house that you liked in the local listing magazine, might not turn out to be exactly what you were hoping for.

A gastly flat roof stares in your wake – a typical felt roofing system that has been on there for years really isn’t a sight for sore eyes and in some people’s minds, especially designers and architects, these types of roofing systems can really leave a watermark and old appeal on the house.

But if you take a view from the bigger picture, you’ll notice that actually a flat roof like this has many uses such as the ability to turn it into a living area, installing solar panels or even a roof garden. Some of these options really wouldn’t be possible with the typical pitched / tiled roof’s that you see on most houses of today.

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