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Posted on May 31, 2013 at 6:49 pm

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Is the Spanish property market becoming locked to investors?

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 10:09 am

Is the Spanish property market becoming locked to investors?

Spanish property has yet to get over the market crash but rather than encouraging healthy investment within the sector, the govt. have been accused of locking buyers out of the market. In an announcement, the Spanish Brick claimed 2013 could be the year Spain tries to take care of the domestic property market, but other than reviving the world, new measures are strangling it. “There are a number of how one can make properties work in Spain… but being honest it’s getting harder and we have to be really sharp,” the corporate said.

Unsurprisingly, the residency scheme and new holiday rental laws are the plans coming under the foremost criticism. Often called the ‘Golden Visa’, the residency scheme gives non EU buyers investing in property worth €500,000 (£427,678) or more a residency visa. “The half 1000000 euro threshold is a wasted opportunity to extend options for sellers willing to locate buyers, and likewise for overseas buyers to succeed in the ultimate step (a residence permit) when buying a property in Spain,” the Spanish Brick asserted.

When the policy was announced in November 2012, the brink was proposed at a far lower rate of €160,000. Unsurprisingly, there has been a hurry of non EU residents inquisitive about the scheme and 97 per cent had the cheap in place before the qualifying sum was moved higher. It truly is expected that the hot-look scheme will primarily attract wealthy Chinese and Russian buyers.

The Golden Visa is not the only policy making waves within the property sector and there’s concern that changes to holiday rental law will discourage foreign investors. Under the changes, by reason of come into effect this summer, all holiday lets might want to be authorised by the regional government. Failure to realize this approval will make any rental activity illegal, in a bid to limit private tourist rentals, that are thought to detract from local hotel industries. While this sort of policy is already in place in certain areas, the nationwide rollout is anticipated to determine investors discouraged from Spanish property, considering regulations too cumbersome.

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Is Murcia at the verge of a tourism boom?

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Is Murcia on the verge of a tourism boom?

Those considering property in Murcia will want to make their investment sooner instead of later, because the area may be set for a tourism boom. Demand for holiday permits the realm will unquestionably rise upon the outlet of the long-awaited Corvera Airport, with a purpose to improve access to the region for overseas market.

In line with the culture and tourism minister, “everything goes well” and there’s hope of a spring-summer opening – just in time for the foremost season. This was welcomed by the Spanish media and interest has began to peak, after Murcia’s director general of transport and ports, Antonio Sanchez-Solis, revealed that validation procedures from the Spanish Aviation Agency are 80 per cent approved. This constitutes the last step towards Corvera Airport becoming operational.

Chris Mercer, director of Murcia-based estate agent Mercers, said: “The Spanish aviation authority, AENA, has guaranteed that commercial flights currently operating inside and out of Murcia San Javier would be transferred immediately across to Corvera upon opening.  All airlines involved have agreed to cooperate.  With 1.2 million passengers using San Javier in 2012, this isn’t a foul start line for a brand new Airport a significant advantage over Spain’s so-called ghost airports of Cuidad Real and Castellon who’ve never handled a single passenger.”

Currently, Corvera Airport is waiting at the approval of its security programme, the frontier and customs to be enabled consistent with Schengen, and for the State Meteorological Agency to give weather services. It is usually yet to receive the overall nod on restructuring airspace between commercial flights at Corvera and armed forces operations running out of San Javier.

Once open, president of Murcia’s Chamber of Commerce, Pedro Garcia-Balibrea, believes the airport will act as a gateway to the region, promoting residential tourism. Foreign buyers have already shown considerable interest inside the area, with Mercers claiming Belgian, French, Norwegian and Swedish investors are driving demand. Prices remain stable and asking prices are being all but achieved, with real estate worth €195,000 (£158,916) selling for around €185,000 (£150,766).

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Canadians are trying to find sun within the Dominican Republic

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Canadians are seeking sun in the Dominican Republic

Property within the Dominican Republic is currently much famous among Canadians searching for respite from the snow. In line with Edmonton-based Dominican Republic real estate agents DR Properties, villas and condos within the country are seeing a rise renowned from this portion of the arena, be they for 2 week stays or permanent moves.

With most buyers seeking real estate inside the Dominican Republic choosing to never live there permanently, there’s also considerable scope for letting and holiday rentals. The island is the number 1 holiday destination inside the Caribbean and is popular among people of every age. 1000 miles of clear blue coastline, year-round fishing, golfing, swimming, diving and sailing also make the Dominican Republic the appropriate destination. In 2012 it was estimated that five million tourists visited the rustic, making it prime for investment.

Most of the most well-liked units for buyers are those in gated communities and DR Properties is likely one of the main suppliers of the sort of property. These include 24-hour security, full administration services and in-built rental programs. What’s more, they’re located near the North Coast, which boasts mild weather, with temperatures averaging 28 degrees C and extremely little chance of hurricanes.

Colleen Valerio, owner and realtor, said: “Our properties within the Dominican Republic have lots to provide those in search of a warm, outdoor lifestyle. Whether clients need a property for 2 weeks of the year or wish to permanently relocate, we’re going to find the valuables in their dreams.”

However, it is not just Canadians which are drawn to the Dominican Republic and improved ease of access to the rustic from the U.S. helps to extend American footfall. It is due to the creation of 3 airports at the southern coast: La Roman International Airport, Punta Cana International Airport and the Santo Domingo International Airport. With the rustic now recovering from Hurricane Sandy, it’s well placed to determine a market upswing over the arrival years.

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Spain is perfect for investors searching for rental income

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Spain is ideal for investors looking for rental income

Investors trying to find property to create a sustained rental income should consider real estate in Spain.

The distressed market has made the rustic ideal for rental projects, especially over the following four to 5 years, in step with The Spanish Brick.

However, investing in areas faraway from the “over-developed coast” is usually recommended, as these locations usually tend to experience capital growth

The Spanish Brick claims that many small British investors are already profiting from the valuables price drop in Spain and may begin to notice growth by approximately 2016 or 2017.

In a press release, the corporate commented: “It is rather interesting how the Spanish property crisis has risen the expectancies for small investors, who get the good thing about being cash-buyers in a distressed market in a land of opportunities.”

When attempting to find real estate, it is very important concentrate on those bringing any yield above 4.7 per cent.

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